Windows Mobile 6 for HTC S620

For the past few months – a wide number of SmartPhone users had purchased HTC Codename Excaliber (HTC S620 / T-Mobile Dash / Dopod C720w). This is probaby the best Smartphone that is available as of today – however it came loaded with Windows Mobile 5.0.

T-Mobile was the first one to release a Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrade last month and now its the turn of HTC. The HTC upgrade can be downloaded from here. And for those who did not know – Dopod has merged with HTC and this build can be used on a Dopod phone as well

DevCon 2007 @ Pune

From the site itself:

DevCon is a Developer Conference from the developers, by the developers and for the developers. Developers may be professionals or students who will represent next generation developers.

DevCon was first held in the year 2003 at Trivandrum. It attracted approximately 200 professionals. After this success at Trivandrum, in year 2004, Mumbai User Group organized “DevCon 2004”, which included two different tracks, one for Professionals and another for Academia, and combined track attracted more than 500 professionals and students.

In year 2005 “DevCon 2005” was organized by Pune User Group in association with the Mumbai User Group and INETA, following with the blueprint of “DevCon 2004” and attracted more than 600 professionals and students. I

n year 2006, Pune User Group, in Association with Microsoft® organized Acad DevCon 2006. This event was the most successful event of all the times with a huge response of 700+ audiences.

NOW, “DevCon 2007” is being held this year at Pune organized by Pune User Group in association with the INETA, following with the pattern of “DevCon”. This year it is also targeting both professionals and academics with two separate tracks of sessions for students and professionals.

… for agenda and speaker details hop onto

Microsoft Student Partner Meet – West Zone

The last three days of my week have been on a roler coster ride, with Microsoft Student Patner Meet on one end and implementing the Exchange UM Project on the other.

Over the last two days, we have talked a lot about User Groups, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, ISA Server, SMS Server, MOM Server, ForeFront Server, MOSS, and probably all the products under Microsoft’s Infrastructure Domain.

Today – we will look upon technologies like AJAX, Katmai, Secure Coding and lastly – we will watch Die Hard 4 🙂

Back after long

Due to commitments and a stressful days at work, I was out of the blogging scence for over 6 months.

Now I’ve made a promise to myself to try and post atleast one everyweek – so I am back to blogging and rocking.

…. things that happened in the last few month

  • New Job role at Microsoft
  • Showcase of e-Home at MES
  • Showing Technology Scenerios at Microsoft TechMela (formely Microsoft Tech.Ed)
  • Shooting for bit for MTV India on various technologies
  • POCs on SharePoint Portal Server
  • POCs on Live Communication Server and Exchange Unified Messaging
  • 6-7 User Group Meets

Cascading Dropdowns in Infopath Forms

SharePoint and Infopath forms ideally go hand-in-hand. There have been times when doing a POC questions are asked if we can do a “Leave Request requisition”. Sometimes the data needs to be populated using other dropdown boxes.

Digging though information – I ended up landing on the Infopath Team’s blog. They have a great article on how to design “Cascading Dropdowns in Browser Forms“. A great article and must read if you work extensively on Infopath

“Failed On Start” – SPS 2007 Error

I have been trying all these days to make my hands real dirty with SPS 2007! And I finally suceeded.

I have a machine running Win 2003 R2 and SPS 2007 (Beta 2). The idea was to try and get hooked up with SPS 2007. There are couple of things that need to be done (as pre-requisties) to install SPS 2007. Here are a few of them:

1. .NET Framework 2.0 or later
2. Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.

I ‘m smart and installed .NET 3.0 RC! (it has released versions of both the components) And bingo – my SPS got installed without any glitch! No additional stuff to be downloaded or installed except for Framework 3.0.

However, couple of days later – I was trying to work on a “Approval” workflow, which is pre-defined in SPS 2007. I give all the parameters, all the options filled up and start the workflow. The workflow on starting says “In Progress” however within moments it changes to “Failed to Start”. I tried installing SPS again and the framework as well – but the workflow just couldnt start.

I failed to understand the reason – as all the pre-requisites were installed and the workflow should have run. Infact stuff like Excel services were running great. I failed to get a solution to why this was happening.

Then came a brainwave – I installed Sharepoint again – this time with .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows Workflow foundation 2.2 (Beta). I tried running a workflow on a document library and voila, this time it surely worked! No more errors and the process was as smooth as it can get!

Here is a story behind! SPS 2007 Beta 2 was supposed to work with Windows Workflow Foundation 2.2 Beta! With .NET Framework 3.0 – I got the RC build of WWF. That created the problem. I had hence to download both the components (WWF and .NET Framework 2.0) and reinstall SPS 2007 Beta 2. However, I guess if I had Beta 2 tech Refresh of SPS 2007, .NET 3.0 RC would have work – thats my assumption – though havent tried that out.

Task finally completed – and a Shutdown in process. More about SPS 2007 installation comming up in later posts! Keep blogging 🙂

Great SharePoint Server Consolidated Links

I have been getting my hands dirty – and I mean it – real dirty with Sharepoint 2007. There have been times when I am frustrated and just end up banging my head on the desk – cause there are only a handful people whom I know – have an drilled down in-dept knowledge of sharepoint and have answers to most of the question that you can ever have.

One such guy is Mark Krugar, a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) – who runs a Sharepoint blog on

This guy is really awesome and wonderful! He has gone ahead, taken pains to consolidate all the link of articles, trainings, weblogs, webcasts, etc on Sharepoint and post it on his blog! A truly awesome community spirit – and probably my only one stop source (his blog) for all my sharepoint problems.

Will Vista stall Net traffic?

There have been talks going on in forums about Vista doubling the internet traffic because it supports the new IPv6 standard, which will provide a broader and a larger range of IP Addresses.

I tumbled upon a CNET News article, which have interviews from Paul Mockapetris, the guy who invented DNS (Domain Name System). Its a must read article – probably one of few better written.

Dont know if Vista will hamper the network traffic or not – but sooner or later just like China – everyone will move to IPv6 standard and probably an OS which would be (rather it is) ready for IPv6 addressing space would be Vista.

Windows Vista Available to CPP

Vista RC1 , finally releases to the CPP (Customer Preview Program) participants. And again – its the same build which was released on friday to beta testers (like me).

In Microsoft’s words

“Update: Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is now available for Customer
Preview Program (CPP) participants only. If you are not registered but would
like to receive RC1, the CPP will open to new participants in the coming weeks.
Please check back periodically for updates.”

Get it from