MIT Linux UG Meet

Well this might sound funny to ppl who know me closely. I attended the first UG meet of LINUX (we have Linux as a part of our syllabi)at my college. It was held on 31st July.

One of my college’s x-student, who is now teaching us LINUX presided over the meet. Well when asked about who would manage the group, pat came the reply at Devendra (he is a LINUX freako at my college). So he is gonna be d so called president of the group…

Then came d part to choose the person who will make a proper meeting kinda agenda and write it down and share it on d group.. And guess what!!! PPL shouted my name !! 🙂 So from that day onward i knew it was a problem when ur polular in the class!!!!! 🙂

ASP.NET Exposed

One of the latest and the hottest technologies from Microsoft, for web development is called ASP.NET. We, PUG, on behalf of INETA, had organized a 4 hours session on this technology at MIT college of Engineering on 11th July 2004. The speaker for this event was Saurabh Nandu. Saurabh is a Microsoft MVP and he has his own software consultancy firm in Mumbai and is into the software business for the past couple of years and had specially come down to Pune for conducting this event. The following sessions were covered in this event:

1.Introduction to ASP.NET: Saurabh briefed everyone on the basic and core concepts of ASP.NET technology.

2. ASP.NET tips and tricks: Unlike other tech-events organized by some of the commerical institutions, in this session Saurabh actually introduced everybody to real-life issues that a software professional faces while developing software projects in earlier Microsoft technolgies or other web development technologies and how those issues can be solved using the latest ASP.NET technology using the Microsoft .NET platform.

This session was followed by a 20 minutes break. Free sandwiches were distributed to all the attendees.

3. The event resumed with a session on “Security“. Again Saurab managed to demonstrate real-life situations, where most IT enabled firms compromise on securtiy aspects, thus allowing malicious users to take advantage of the loopholes which should have ideally been blocked. He also demonstrated various ways in which such loopholes can be tackled and avoided.

4. Lastly we had an INETA briefing where the attendees were made aware of the objectives of INETA.

The attendees comprised of students and professors from various educational institutions and professionals from various software firms.

After this highly moral boosting event, the PUG has decided to hold such an event at-least once in a month, along with the usual Microsoft .NET technology seminars that are conducted twice a month.