Office Live Mail vs Hotmail

I had recently signed up for Office Live and associated my passport ID with it as a primary email.

I would log onto my Hotmail account using one instance of my browser and using the second instance I would log on to the Office Live account. The moment I do this and refresh my Hotmail browser, the MSN Hotmail logo changes to Microsoft Office Live Mail.

I am sure many of you who have Office Live accounts associated with you passport account you might have faced this problem (you can call it a “bug” though). The problem here is the “cookie” which is shared by Passport and Office Live to associate the accounts.

If I just log out of Office Live, and refresh the Hotmail page, I will get my MSN HOTMAIL logo back, also if I delete my cookies and refresh the Hotmail browser, MSN HOTMAIL logo comes back.

This looks like a bug which the Office Live team might be aware of and will get fixed in future releases of Office Live.

Windows Live Messenger – Public Beta

For all those who wanted an invite to Windows Live Messenger but couldn’t get it; for those who never knew about it and for those who had always wanted to send “offline” messages to buddies – there is a good news.

Windows Live Messenger (thats what MSN messenger will now be called as) has gone as public beta. This means that no invites needed to sign up and no more waiting in “queue” for using it.

All you need to do is point your browser to Windows Live Messenger Homepage and “Sign Up” for the beta. You will be asked to download the new messenger and you are done.

So have fun with the new messenger and let your feedback improve WLM.