Longhorn wont take too long now

Microsoft, the worlds largest software giant shocked the computer industry yesterday. It announced that it would deliver its next major Windows release in 2006, but would do so without WinFS (Window Future Storage), one of the original major components of that upgrade.

2004 has been dull for Longhorn. Awash as it is in ever-increasing delays, Longhorn has been the subject of barbs from even the most dimmed-minded computer industry columnists, many of whom have begun comparing the Longhorn release to Cairo, Microsoft’s aborted mid-1990’s object-oriented OS project. And no wonder: Like Cario, Longhorn was to have included the technological equivalent of the kitchen sink, and then some. Clearly, something in Longhorn had to give.

As of now, however, that’s no longer true. On the Friday, August 27, 2004, Microsoft revealed what industry observers had long suspected: The company is now going to pare down its Longhorn release and ship some previously key technologies separately from the massive new OS. But even though the official announcement pretty much lays out this new plan succinctly, there were indications that Microsoft was heading in this direction previously 😛

Office 12.0 : Originally planned as a Longhorn-specific release that would ship alongside the Longhorn client release, Office 12 has been changed dramatically since last year. Firstly, Office 12 would only run on Longhorn. Then, Microsoft announced that it would ship Office 12 for both Longhorn and Windows XP in order to benefit a wider range of users. Now, Microsoft plans to ship Office 12 well ahead of Longhorn. So you all Office Fans, better keep watchin.. Office 2003 may be a passe…

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