Women and Programming

ASSEMBLER:- She is hard and bumpy and is not that pleasant to embrace. She is not beautiful or educated and speaks monosyllables like “MOV”, “JUMP”, “INC”……

FORTRAN:- Your grey haired grandmother. People make fun of her just because she is old, but if you take time to listen, you can learn from your experiences and her mistakes.

A lady executive, and avid jogger, very healthy and not too talkative.

COBOL:- A plump secretary. She talks too much, and most of what she says can be ignored. She works hard and long hours, but can’t really handle complicated jobs.

BASIC:- The divorcee, who lives next door, likes seducing young boys and it seems she is readily available for them. She teaches them amazing things or at least seem amazing because it is their first experience.

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