Microsoft Technologies De-Coded

Microsoft has always had codenames for each of it technologies, be it “Longhorn” or “Whistler“; an OS, an IE and most of the technologies had a codename. Here is a glance at couple of latest ones –

1. Whidbey – Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and/or Visual Studio 2005
2, Burton – Visual Studio Team System suite of tools
3. Yukon – SQL Server 2005
4. ELead – The work item
5. Ocracoke – Team System’s Web testing system
6 Currituck – Team System’s work-item tracking system
7. Hatteras – Team System’s version control system
8. Whitehorse – Team System’s distributd system designers
9. F1 – Team System’s profiling system
10. BIS – Team Foundation Server’s underlying extensibility model
11. PREfast – Static code analyzer for C/C++ code

And finally one big one “Orcas – Microsoft .NET Framework vNEXT” which is scheduled to release in Q3 of 2007

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