Mail Beta – I’m a part of it now!!

Well, first thing I do in the morning is pop open my hotmail box!! And guess what came as a surprise today morning – an Invite to be a part of MAIL BETA!!

Yes, I’ve been signed up Big Kahuna, guess I got lucky here!! If you are looking around for invites and other stories related to Kahuna, keep an eye on Imran’s Blog.

BTW here are couple of things that I think I’m gonna tell my friends and ppl about Kahuna:

1. The Reading Pane
2. Protection from “phishing” scams
3. The Info Bar
4. Address AutoComplete
5. Save sent e-mail
6. Multiple select
7. Color, Shading, and Emoticons
8. Navagation
9. SenderID and lots more.

So for all of you who used to say – hotmail is bad cause its not as good as Gmail!! Well – here we have the Kahuna team – who can just prove you wrong. Posting up images of the Beta soon!!! Thanks a lot Kahuna team – for giving me the invite.

4 thoughts on “Mail Beta – I’m a part of it now!!

  1. I’m surprised at how you tech guys manage to miss the point completely at times.

    Sure, this is great, and it’s as good as Gmail now. But why is it BETTER? What does it have that Gmail doesn’t? Give me one good reason why I should take the trouble of e-mailing 200 of my contacts and asking them to update their address books. It takes an effort to switch e-mail addresses. What’s so great about this that will make me want to go that extra mile?

    Point is, unless any new mail service has a tangible benefit for me that makes me want to dump Gmail and run to it quickly, it’s not going to hack it. I’m not very fond of Gmail (it has its moments), but I don’t see any reason to give it up either. Give me a reason.

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