All you Hotmail “haters” out there.. Who keep on saying that hotmail sucks cause it gives just 2MB email space.. Well guess what.. Wanna make your hotmail box 250MB?? Here is a way to do it..

1. Logon to your account and then transverse to Options –> Personal –> My Profile

2. Fill this exact info:
Country/region: United States
State: Florida
ZIP Code: 33332

3. Check if your birthdate is set on a date which is elder than 13 years. Also make sure the langauge is set to English

4. Now you need too “CLOSE” your account, not sign off but really close it.

5. Go to and click “Close .NET Passport

6. It will ask tell you that you need to contact hotmail for this and will give u a button to contact “HOTMAIL”.

7. Click that and later it will say that all your emails will be lost in case you do it. This however doesnt happen. Your emails remain as intact as they are supposed to be..

8. Next go to the Hotmail login page and login like you always do (same pass, etc.)

9. A message saying your account is reserved will be flashed. Just press Activate –> I agree

10. Your account will be 25 mb in the beginning but will eventually become 250 MB.

So howz that!!!!! Three cheers to HOTMAIL to provide 250 MB box..

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