DevCon 2005 @ Pune – Topics and Speakers

DevCon is a developer event organized by the developer community for the developer community. The objective is to enable developers to request for topics which they wish to be educated about and delivery of such content is by developers who are expert speakers. It covers topics which are of interest to developers chosen by developers themselves.

It is an event initiated by the International .Net association(INETA) which supports more than 500 user groups worldwide and 200,000+ developers

DevCon 2005, is goin to be held at Pune. This year again we have two tracks – one for professionals, the other for students. After having polled for topics for about a month, the final speakers and topics are as follows

Professional Track (Saturday)
Date: 12th February, 2005.
Time: 09:00AM to 06:30PM

Topics and Speakers
1. Office 2003 and .NET – Raj Chaudhuri
2. Reflection – building assemblies / generating code dynamically – Akila Manian
3. Deployment considerations for .NET Applications (No touch (2003) Click Once) – Nauzad Kapadia
4. ASP.NET Security – Sanjay Shetty

Student Track (Sunday)
Date: 13th February, 2005.
Time: 09:30AM to 06:30PM

Topics and Speakers
1. .NET on a Non-Windows Platform – Raj Chaudhuri
2. Introduction to Web Services – Akila Manian
3. OO Features in Visual Studio .NET 2005 – Nauzad Kapadia
4. Moving to VB.NET / Getting started with ASP.NET – Akila Manian

Hope to see you all at the venue. For more details visit

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