Microsoft Services for NetWare Overview!!!

Microsoft Services for NetWare (SFN) provides a complete set of new interoperability utilities that help Novell customers simplify the adoption of Windows 2000 Server into a Novell network environment, reduce multi-platform network administration, and facilitate the migration of NetWare resources to Windows 2000 Server.

The new interoperability utilities of Services for NetWare 5 include:

1. Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services synchronizes Windows 2000 Active Directory with NDS

2. Microsoft File Migration Utility migrates NetWare files to Windows 2000 Server

3. File and Print Services for NetWare 5.0 allows a Windows 2000 Server to appear as a NetWare file and print server

SFN v5.0 also includes the Windows NT Server 4.0 Novell interoperability utilities previously available in Services for NetWare v.4 (Directory Service Manage for NetWare and File and Print Services for Netware v.4)

Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services (MSDSS) is an add-on service that enables two-way synchronization of directory information stored in the Windows 2000 AD and all versions of Novell’s Directory Service (NDS).

For organizations that already have NDS deployed somewhere in their IT environment and are looking at large or small deployments of Windows 2000 Server, MSDSS helps customers reduce their directory management burden while also facilitating the adoption of Windows 2000 Server and its AD service.

MSDSS achieves these benefits by synchronizing Active Directory and NDS. By establishing a periodic object-level synchronization of both directories, customers can keep the information stored in both directories current and accurate, provide a single point of directory administration and enable customer to adopt different and independent AD and NDS tree structures, if desired.

MSDSS simplifies Active Directory set-up by including a reverse initial synchronization feature that replicates an existing NDS tree structure and its objects into NDS. MSDSS management is performed through a wizard-based MMC snap-in and is fully featured to allow customers a choice of management, synchronization, and migration configuration options. MSDSS also synchronizes directory information stored in Active Directory with all versions of NetWare 3.x bindery services on a one-way basis.

Microsoft File Migration Utility:

The Microsoft File Migration Utility (FileMigrate) is an add-on utility included in SFN 5 that provides a central management console to manage and perform the migration of files from NetWare file and print servers to Windows 2000 Servers

FileMigrate helps organizations that have decided to consolidate their file and print servers to the Windows 2000 Server platform. FileMigrate helps customers reduce the time, cost and complexity of migration from NetWare to Windows 2000 Server.

FileMigrate achieves these benefits by automating the migration process. Through a wizard-based management interface, customers can migrate multiple NetWare files to one or many Windows 2000 Servers while preserving all of the inherited permissions and access control lists (ACLs) associated with each file.

FileMigrate supports all versions of NetWare, IPX/SPX and TCP/IP protocols and is integrated with MSDSS to perform an incremental or rapid migration to Windows 2000 Server.

File and Print Services for NetWare version 5.0 (FPNW5) is an add-on utility included in Services for NetWare 5 that lets a Windows 2000 Server transparently “look” like a NetWare file and print server to users, administrators and the network. FPNW5 also helps organizations that have decided to consolidate their file and print servers to the Windows 2000 Server platform. FPNW5 helps customer reduce migration costs, consolidate platforms and simplify file and print server administration. FPNW5 achieves these benefits by allowing a Windows 2000 Server to transparently appear as a NetWare file and print server. By making the introduction of Windows 2000 Server transparent to NetWare clients, administrators and the network, customers can lower the costs of migration by eliminating the need for administrator retraining or client-side changes while more easily gaining the enhanced performance, SMP support, and new storage management benefits of Windows 2000 Server file and print services.

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