VISA’s Explained!!

On my recent visit to the US Consulate at Mumbai, I was not sure about the kind of visas that they would give to students. That time I felt as if I need to know all the kinds of visas’ issued. Here is a list of them:

A Visas (Official Visas)-

A-1: For Ambassadors, public ministers & consular officers

A-2: For immediate family members of A-1

A-3: Attendants & servants of A-1 and A-2 holders

B (Business/Visitor) Visa –

B-1 Temporary visitor for business

B-2 Temporary visitor for leisure

C & D Visa (For Aliens in transit) –

C-1,2: Alien in transit directly through US

C-3: Family of C-1,C-2 in transit

C-4: Transit without Visa(TWOV)

D-1: Sailors departing on vessel of arrival

D-2: Sailors departing by other means

E – Visa (For Traders/Investors) –

E-1 Treaty Trader, spouse and children

E-2 Treaty Investor, spouse and children

F Visa (Students) –

Want to study or research at a U.S. college? Then F is the visa for you –

F-1: Academic Student

F-2: Spouse or child of F-1

H (Temporary Worker) Visa –

H-1B: Persons in a specialty occupation

H-2B: Seasonal nonagricultural workers

H-3: Trainees other than medical/academic; also training of handicaps

H-4: Dependants of H visa holders

I Visa (Mediapersons) –

Are you a reporter, film person, Editor? Then you require an I-visa –

Essential docs: Your press ID, a letter from the editor.

J & Q Exchange Visitor Visa –

J-1 exchange visitors may be academics, scientists, businesspeople or students.

J-1: Visas for exchange visitors

J-2: Spouse or ‘child’ of J-1 under 21

Fiance(e) of US Citizen –

K-1 Fiance(e)

K-2 Minor child of K-1

K-3 Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (LIFE Act)

K-4 Child of K-3 (LIFE Act)

Docs: Marriage certificate & Photos, Intent of marrying within 90 days

in US(for K1).

L Visa (Intracompany Transferees)-

L-1A Executive, managerial

L-1B Specialized knowledge

L-2 Spouse or child of L-1

Vocational and Language Students –

M-1 Vocational student or other non-academic student

M-2 Spouse or child of M-1

O -Visa (For Prodigies) –

O-1: For a Genius in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics.

O-2: Alien’s (support) accompanying O-1

O-3: Spouse or child of O-1 or O-2

Athletes and Entertainers-

P-1: Athletes & Entertainment groups

P-2: Entertainers in exchange programs

P-3: Entertainers in cultural programs

P-4: Spouse or child of P-1, 2, or 3

R-Visa (Religious Workers)

R-1 Religious workers

R-2 Spouse or child of R-1

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