Microsoft and Yahoo IM Interop?

I have always wanted to use just one IM all these years. Jabber has always been around, however the UI of MSN or Yahoo is what keeps me stick to them. Finally two of the major players in the IM industry have heard me. This is what says:

Microsoft and Yahoo announced on Wednesday a blockbuster interoperability deal that will reshape the landscape of the fragmented instant messaging market. The companies will connect their IM networks so users on each can communicate with one another using text and voice chat free of charge.

Does this mean that we might have an era where collaboration becomes the most important or is this an idea were advertisements will be put up so as to generate more revenue for the companies?

One thought on “Microsoft and Yahoo IM Interop?

  1. hi this was a good news, it will make our life little simpler for sure, but also it might come with troubles also as it has been pointed out in the new article of active win. check it out.

    and thanks for keep us updating with the happenings in the market as it helps us to get an edge over others.

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